Let’s Work Together To Achieve Your Ideal Physique

“I always used to think that life changing decisions are the tough ones, those that leave you pondering for quite a while and then eventually after evaluating every up- and downside of the situation end in a new way of living. But recently I realised that sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can tremendously turn your life around and change who you are. When I made the decision to train together with Leung to pursue a healthier and more active lifestyle, I had not the slightest idea of how much Leung would influence the way I feel about training, nutrition and help me build a stronger mindset. From the very beginning he was dedicated to accomplish the personal goals we set together by designing personalised training programs and by monitoring and adjusting my dietary needs.
When you choose to train with Leung you not only get a personal trainer but more importantly a companion who genuinely cares about your progress and guides you through the exercise roller coaster ride. He shares his knowledge about fitness and nutrition with pure honesty, no false promises, no false hopes, no quick fix, just a dose of reality and the tools and support to achieve what had always been in my power.
Make no mistake, during the last 5 months of training with Leung I encountered some of my biggest challenges so far, but at the same time I’ve also had some of the most rewarding experiences. Who would have thought that all the struggle and sweat to deadlift more than my own bodyweight and to train my grip strength enough to enable my first non-assisted pull-ups would make me feel so delighted.
I can truly say that training with Leung has not only improved my physical fitness but also helped me to grow the strength, confidence and willpower to become a better version of myself and living my best life. Thank you!”

Christina Reumiller

(Strength, muscle, weight loss & lifestyle change)

“I’d never had a PT before working with Leung, but I’m SO happy I made the decision to go for it. I leave every session feeling knackered because he works me so hard, but I also feel way more positive and energised and generally happier.
With Leung’s motivation, I’m training harder and more consistently than I ever have before. It has only been a few months but I can already feel my body getting stronger which is amazing!
Would totally recommend Leung to anyone who wants to work hard, see results and feel more positive!”

Emily Kelsall

(Building muscle and strength)

“I’ve been training with Leung for nearly 6months now and I can honestly say he’s a great trainer! I’ve had two previous trainers in the past but I just didn’t feel they was the right match for me.
Within the last few months I’ve been able to cut out bad food habits, understand the right foods to eat, lose weight and most importantly improve my strength. As a young female I was very shy about having a male trainer but Leung is very professional, motivating and extremely knowledgable! I cannot stress how much I have improved both mentally and physically. He provides detailed workouts which helps build on your strengths and also improves any areas of weakness.
The most valuable thing Leung has taught me is that it’s all about mindset, you can really do anything you put your mind to. I would definitely recommend Leung!”

Jayanne Davis

(Weight loss, building strength and muscle)

”I’ve been training with Leung for three months and have seen amazing results. Not only did Leung help me get into better shape, but he also encouraged me to change my habits and adopt a healthier lifestyle.
Leung is professional, skilled, and enthusiastic about his work. Thank you Leung for always pushing my limits and boosting my confidence!”

Erika Dipaola​

(Weight loss)

“He really cares about his clients and is focused on helping you achieve your goals. I’m in my 40s and had never managed to stick at a training programme until I met Leung. He takes time to understand my needs and tailors each session to make sure I get the best results. I have had a minor shoulder injury and he has worked with me alongside physiotherapy to ensure I keep making good progress. I feel a lot stronger and healthier thanks to our sessions together. He is very encouraging and supportive – the sessions fly by. I highly recommend giving him a try! ”


(Building strength and muscle)

“Prior to working with Leung I was training regularly but totally uninformed about the movements I was doing, how to effectively work towards my health goals and good technique.
Since working with Leung I have learned so much and definitely bypassed years of trial-and-error. He’s taught me so many different exercises that I’ve been wanting to learn, but haven’t had the knowledge or confidence to attempt. Leung consistently pushes me outside of my comfort zone and makes me achieve more than I think I’m capable of. 
Throughout the duration of our sessions I’ve always felt in safe hands and never at risk of injury. Correct technique and safety has always been a big focus of our sessions. Working through new movements that specifically target the areas of my body I want to improve, I’ve found new confidence at the gym and I’m seeing rapid changes in my physique through the work I’m putting in.
When joining the gym I initially had no interest in working with a personal trainer, but I am beyond pleased with the decision to work with Leung. His friendly, personable manner really made me feel at ease from the beginning.
I can confidently recommend Leung as a Personal Trainer to anyone that wants to better themselves and learn more about their training – I’ve already recommended him to many of my friends!”

Tom Billington

(Improving technique and mindset)


(Weight loss, building strength and muscle, increase confidence)

“Leung is a fantastic PT I would highly recommend. His sessions are varied with a great range of different exercises that are well tailored to your own goals, set to my own level but still pushing me to build strength and go further. He builds in particular exercises according to your own preferences and abilities.

Leung is friendly and very knowledgeable about the impact of different exercises on your muscles, nutrition and general physical health. He has really helped me build confidence in the gym, use a huge range of new exercises and actually made it fun to go to the gym which is a huge personal leap forward as I came to him pretty inexperienced.

It has been great to see so much progression and results so quickly which just keep building. I would vouch for Leung as a highly capable PT that could help individuals of all levels achieve their fitness goals”


(Building strength & general fitness)